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Friday, Saturday & Sunday

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Genshin Impact
Phantasy Star Online 2
Death by Dying

About Niko Gerentes

Niko “Noisemaker” Gerentes’ love of audio started after watching his cousin DJ house tunes in the backroom of his aunt’s house. Since then he’s been tinkering with digital audio workstations to create electronic music and comedy rap about Pumpkin Spice Lattes. At Columbia College Chicago, he created a wacky Interdisciplinary degree between Radio, Sound For Cinema, Music Recording, and Voiceover. Naturally, this led to his discovery of radio plays. Wow! The opportunity to blend storytelling, sound, and performance led him to produce the 6 time Audioverse award winning podcast, “Death By Dying.” Since moving out to L.A. he’s been able to work behind the scenes on games like Gears of War, Crash Bandicoot, and the Final Fantasy Series. Behind the mic he’s known for voicing the Potioneers in “Genshin Impact”, Itsuki Tachibana in “Phantasy Star Online 2,” and almost half the cast of “Death By Dying’s” first season (including Chester the Goat). Niko now works at Nickelodeon and is producing his butt off on Season 2 of the podcast. Ask him about Power Rangers, you may regret it. You can follow him on all social media @NikoNoisemaker and @DeathByDyingPod.

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