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Eric Lewald and Julia Lewald are two of the premier writer-producers in youth-oriented and animated television, with over 700 produced credits, a world-wide number-one hit, an Emmy nomination and an Environmental Media Award between them. They have been showrunners, together or individually, on 14 series, including X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, the show that brought Marvel characters to TV and movies and made Fox TV the number one network in kids’ programming.

The Lewalds, both together and individually, have developed series for every major studio – for Universal, MGM, Fox, Disney; for Ivan Reitman at Northern Lights; and for Spielberg and Katzenberg at Dreamworks. At Sam Raimi’s Renaissance Films, they supervised the writing on all 50 episodes for the Hercules/Xena spin-off Young Hercules, starring Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling. For Bonnie Hammer at USA Network they developed and ran Streetfighter, the top animated series on the network. Their RoboCop: Alpha Commando resurrected the RoboCop franchise, and ExoSquad, whose first year Eric supervised, became Universal’s number one animated TV action series. Julia’s Skeleton Warriors series was a hit on CBS.

Eric’s book Previously on X-MEN: The Making of an Animated Series is a behind-the-scenes history and celebration of the creation of the landmark television show, told by the showrunner, cast, writers, and artists who produced it, with over 100 illustrations, photographs and images across 450+ pages. The book’s release coincides with the 25th anniversary of the X-MEN:TAS premiere. Previously on X-Men has been published by pop-culture specialists Jacobs/Brown Media to rave reviews – Geeks WorldWide calls it “11 OUT OF 10 – A MUST READ!”; Den of Geek! says it’s “the BEST RESOURCE about the BELOVED SHOW you could possibly want! 5 out of 5!”; and ANIMATION MAGAZINE names it a ‘fascinating, intensive history of a game-changing superhero toon.’

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