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A Texas native, and former Marine. Brian Denham began his career at Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios in 1994. Rob asked Brian to select a writer for his first professional comics work based on how well he drew monsters. Brian spoke up and requested Alan Moore. Rob told him there was no way he could get Alan Moore. Brian challenged him and said “You are Rob Liefeld. You can do anything.” Within the week Rob called, Alan agreed, and Brian began drawing Violator vs. Badrock. Brian went on to draw for Chaos! Comics, and Antarctic Press. At DC Comics he revived, and co-created Wonder Woman’s sister, Nu’Bia, for the modern era. Recognized as an early pioneer in modern digital art for his work on Iron Man: Hypervelocity. He continued his rise at Top Cow on The Darkness, and Witchblade. At Wildstorm he drew The X-Files, and at IDW the Buffyverse classic, Angel. He is the writer-artist of the steampunk graphic novel Airship Enterprise. He co-created the New York Times bestselling graphic novel series Zombie Kid Diaries. He currently works as the Editor in Chief of Antarctic Press ushering in a new wave of creators. He illustrated the July/August 2020 cover for The New Republic. In his spare time he raises tribbles.

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